by Greg Kuchmek

What the hell is that? Some guy in a big rubber lizard suit? I don't know how they expected us to take that seriously! Granted, it was a lot easier to take seriously when you were about ten years old in the early 70s. Of course, within that context, it was very fun and if you stuck around long enough, you also began to notice a subtle, ecologically sound morality being preached to the young and impressionable. But times change, and people "grow up" to become more demanding "adults" with no patience for good old fantasy. But Godzilla cannot die.

The last Godzilla film of the old series was The Terror of Godzilla (1975). After that, ToHo Studios had plans to remake the 1954 original in color, but that project sat on the shelf for ten years. Finally, in 1984, the project was completed as Godzilla 1985, albeit far from being a remake of Godzilla, King of The Monsters. This new Godzilla film proposed to revive the series using state of the art robotics combined with the old "suitmation" technique. Not only that, but to return the monster to its original purpose on earth: chaos.

Created during an H-bomb test near "Ragos Island" in 1954, Godzilla (or Gojira) was born of the radiation-based mutation of a living, lost dinosaur (a la "Nessie"). Its purpose here was/is to be disruptive. When our military ineffectively uses its most powerful weapons against the beast, we can only pause and reflect upon what we have done. Our "technology" has created something that will ultimately destroy us. This is the intent of Inoshiro Honda's original 1954 film, as well as the concept behind the new series of films.

Look! Godzilla!

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