by Steve Raymond


T-Shirts Reveal Puerto Rico's Obsession With An Alien Yeti Bloodsucker

The latest front-runner in the annals of popular paranormal phenomenon hails from Puerto Rico, where he terrorizes the countryside, neatly incising the necks of chickens, goats, dogs, and other livestock, and mosquitoing out bodily fluids. His legions of fans call him the Chupa-Cabras (literally,"Goat-Sucker").

Some conjecture he’s a subhuman Yeti, others a Predator-style Vampire. Still other's claim he’s some kind of AWOL extraterrestrial sampling earth’s unique backwater delicacies. The Goat-Sucker is a STAR! For the full lowdown on his turn-ons & turn-offs, check out the Chupa-Cabras home page.

The capitalist byproduct of the craze is a dazzling array of T-Shirts depicting an unsettling variety of both comic and horrifying versions of his modus operandi.    </end>

photos by Steve

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