by Sean Carton

Throbbers? Stick it back in your pants, geek-boy. We're not talkin' about pink latex AA-powered joy-buzzers. We're talking about a new way of hacking the hegemony of corporate conformity, resisting the mental gangrene of groupthink, training a bazooka on blandness...But we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Let's back up a second.

"So what's a throbber?" you drool. If you're like most of the Net-lemmings out there, when you look at the upper-right hand corner of your Netscape window, you probably see this
Netscape Icon peekin' out at ya. That's the standard "Throbber." Pretty boring, huh?

But you don't have to be stuck with that hideous "N" for another microsecond. Hop on over to the Throbbers Page. Once you get there, check out the crafty and colorful replacements CJ Silverio and his friends have created.

Dog Graphic Frolic as frisky dogs dance on your browser.

Old Netscape Logo Play doctor by turning your Netscape into an EKG readout.

Bob Image Bask in the glory that is Bob...

If you've got any sort of personality left, there's probably a Throbber for you.

Installing? No problemo, muchacho! Just grab your bad self a copy of ResEdit and follow the handy directions on the Throbbers page. If you want to create your own Throbbers, you'll find directions to do that too. Whatever's your fancy, make sure you make a copy of Netscape before you start hacking.

The Throbbers Page is geared towards Macs, which doesn't do you any good if you're a PC user itchin' to break the tedium of your Wintel browser. Never fear! Joe Huges rose to the challenge and created the ever-so-popular PC Throbbers page, a crazy-quilt compendium of PC Throbbers, including a few eye-poppers
you won't find on the Mac side.

Eye Image

So break out! Smash the hideous "N"! Strike a blow for useless and trivial hacks! Grab yourself a Throbber now!    </end>

Throbbers 0.0 Icon

Note: Apparently the creators of Netscape thought the standard "Meteor Throbber" was a little boring, too. If you're using Netscape, type about:mozilla in the "Location" box at the top of your screen (or click here) for irrefutable proof.

SEAN CARTON is an interactive media developer and Web consultant for RMD Interactive in Baltimore, MD. He's written for bOING bOING, Link, and Cape-X magazines and has published several Net books including co-authoring the Mosaic Quick Tour (Ventana Press) with Gareth Branwyn, Internet Virtual Worlds Quick Tour (Ventana Press), and has contributed to Internet Roadside Attractions (Ventana Press). He's currently working on The Internet Power Toolkit (also with Gareth, also published by Ventana) due out in June. When he's not working, he amuses himself by cataloging his extensive sock monkey collection and stomping crop circles in his neighbor's flower beds.

title art by Morgan
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