by Mikki Halpin

I was just close to being able to deal with the end of Murder, She Wrote when they went and canceled Profit. With Twin Peaks just a distantly weird memory, Profit was by far the strangest show on TV. Not on-purpose strange, like the X-Files. Not scary strange, like Small Wonder. Just . . . strange.

The basic story was about this man, Profit, who was kept in a cardboard box for the duration of his childhood. Yes, an entire show about CHILD ABUSE! It's like watching Sybil night after night. But the weirdest thing is, the guy is all grown up now, he lives in this swanky penthouse, and he has a secret room, like the Batcave kind of, and in it he keeps A CARDBOARD BOX! and he sleeps in it, naked! Profit has become this Wall Street type, and he murders and blackmails people as he tries to take over the very same company which manufactures the cardboard boxes. This is on prime time television!

Scratch that. Was on prime time television. Now, it's canceled. I hate the world.

Any of your favorite shows canceled recently? </end>

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