RENT-A-BODY Subway notebook: (the spelling and punctuation have not been altered from the original)
photo by Rico Fernández

NY, NY a helluva town. Is this some bizarre MTA promo or something? Celebrating new tokens, perhaps? nice tie Thanx

Finaly you cach my atention why in the world are you doing this why do you rent your body I hope you are getting a lot of money for it you should have a little more respect for your body I hope you get a good respose for whatever it is you are doing good luck

The amused half appreciates the distraction from the usual onslaught of homeless beggars. The other half looks at this as another invasion of privacy. I have to ride the subways. I don't appreciate being a guinea pig or having pictures taken. You need a permit to do photography. THe subway is not a public place. You are just intruding upon the little privacy that we tunnel rats have left. Besides I was tempted to....

Get off at 161 street

I have your wallet.
I like your glasses
This is kinda ridiculous

I like your glasses


Yo' 'go for it 'Dud!

Utica is the last stop so I don't think you'll be sitting here for 3 hours

your sitting like a fool

you're on acid

You wish to provoke a response, maybe!!!

I got a really good deal on a body with a view of the park. How much are you paying for this one?

gue se siente al
estar sentado todas
esas noras sin comer
sin hablar sin vever agua.

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