Some Girls
Consider some of the women we're supposed to believe are sex symbols: Sandra Bullock, Michelle Pfeiffer, Elizabeth Hurley, anyone from Friends or Baywatch.

Boring, right?

Even the cruelest Melrose Place vixens look like Ivory girls. Yeah, they may be pretty—beautiful even—but no real guy actually lusts after these stars. Fortunately, the fresh-scrubbed mid-90s has a disturbing and genuinely sexy undercurrent. It's a current that has been flowing steadily throughout history, bubbling nastily and seductively beneath the surface. I'm talking about the type of chicks who can affectionately be called "skanky." If the phraseology offends you, you're not one of them.

Who are these skanky chicks? Think of Jennifer Jason Leigh playing a caterwauling, messed-up rocker in Georgia. Think of Juliette Lewis playing a caterwauling, messed-up rocker in Strange Days. Think of, well, Courtney Love.

Think of her like this: slamming out a guitar riff, she plants one foot high on the monitor in front of her. It's almost as if she doesn't know that there's a seething mass of pumped-up boys in the first row craning their necks for a look up her ratty babydoll dress. Almost.
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