TAROT: Matrix Software's Tarot site provides a solid introduction to how the cards look and how different Tarot "spreads" are constructed. A wide variety of Tarot decks are represented, too, and downloading the graphics isn't too time-consuming. Their interpretations have limited enlightenment value, but make for entertaining Cookbook-style Tarot readings.

Cyber Tarot: Doug Rushkoff's oracle program is published by ( HarperCollins. Though the interface isn't terribly intuitive, Cyber Tarot lets the querent select between the classic Rider-Waite deck and a very wacky set of po-mo cards; plus, Doug alleges that being able to "shuffle" the deck makes his Tarot program superior to the others.


Synchronicity raises the cheese factor compared to a regular I Ching book: you're supposed to meditate in front of the calm river represented on your screen, soothed by the sounds of water flowing and frogs chirruping. But it's much easier to use, and Synchronicity takes a modern, accessible Taoist approach to the I Ching texts. (Synchronicity 3.0.7, reg. $49.95, $39.95 if you mention STIM. Voice 503/246-4043, Fax 503/244-7749. Not available in stores! Woo!) The interactive will be available this summer, as well as the Emperor's Oracle on CD-ROM. Eric's I Ching is the height of elegant simplicity. You enter your question, a hexagram is produced, and a short chunk of text follows.

ASTROLOGY Rob Brezsny's Real Astrology is the most hilarious and intuitive horoscope column on the planet! If you don't agree, I'll send you a full refund. Oh, wait—it's free. Follow the magic links to Planetary Madness, another witty and informative astrology column. Do you prefer the horoscopes at the back of Cosmo? Then the Angela Morris Horoscope site is for you. Yes, you can even ask for a reading on your "LOVE COMPATIBILITY STARS"! Be very afraid.

OTHER ORACLES: Choose from three Rune spreads, an online Bibliomancer, and perfunctory Tarot and I Ching readings. Stop off for a quick fix on multiple fortunes. Cynics with a rich sense of humor should visit the Net Chick website and consult Carla Sinclair's quirky little oracle, the Magic 8 Bra.

FURTHER EXPLORATIONS INTO THE VAST UNKNOWN: Want to see a collision between the New Edge, the New Age, and cyberpunk, in action? Be sure to check out The Drivetime, a video collaboration between author Antero Alli and Rob Brezsny. Get a feel for why smart, hip geeks might go in for magic and divination at the Reverend Hellshaw's site. Of particular interest is the Six Parodic Acts link, an introduction to "parodic" cults such as the Temple Ov Psychick Youth. Technoshaman and VRML wizard Mark Pesce maintains a very nice list of hotlinks for your browsing pleasure. Explore magic, Discordianism, Freemasonry, and Temporary Autonomous Zones. This cool Aussie spot links up tons o' gnu wage net resources. With articles on channeling, healing, reincarnation, out of body experiences, theosophy, and astrology, it gets heavy into the weirdness but also provides coherent introductions to basic new age concepts.

-tiffany lee brown

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