The Classic Bruise
by Tiffany Lee Brown

Simple shapes. The pale lip. This season's classic subtlety lacks one essential element: mystery. And the most modern way to achieve the bad-girl edge with a hint of dark glamour?


The faux bruise debuts this spring as the most decadent fashion from the streets and the clubs.

From hickeys to shiners, from handcuff bites to strangulation marks, bruises connote wild-side experience like no other accessory.

And they're simple to create.

The classic dark bruise starts with a blot of deep blue eye shadow, applied with a wet brush.
Use fingertips to add daubs of smoky gray and blue shadows, then finish the edges with shiny olive green.
Smudge the bruise and dust with an amber frost (try gold for jaundiced highlights). Blend with a small brush and dust lightly using your regular complexion powder. </end>
Photos by Wade Elliott Pitts (and cousin John's trusty ol' Polaroid)
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