from The Essential Kombucha "Case Histories," by Andra Malczewski

"An even more amazing case history is that of Norma's husband who was diagnosed with a brain tumor only a few months after her recovery. The cancer had begun with his ear, and spread to his brain. Doctors removed a large part of his ear lobe and outer rim of his ear but could not remove the brain tumor because of the extreme danger of him becoming a "vegetable" for his remaining days.

It was estimated that he had about two more months to live. He was a heavy smoker, alcoholic and ate a lot of red meat and junk foods...He refused to take the mushroom tea even though he saw his wife's recovery and even threw away his cancer medicine, since he believed he had only a few months to live.

Norma began to secretly put a small amount of the mushroom tea in all the drinks and soups that she served him with meals. She put it in his orange juice each morning and just told him the oranges were a bit acidic (at the time of the year.)

After three months he finally discovered what she was doing because she was gradually adding more mushroom tea in his juice.

He was angry, but he had to admit that he was still alive one months after the time that they predicted he would die. He then voluntarily drank the tea and no longer had to go and have the cancer spots burned off every four months.

His brain tumor also disappeared and part of his ear eventually grew back."

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