from Kombucha: the Essential Guide, by Christopher Hobbs

"What is Kombucha tea? It is purported to be a mushroom that grows on sweetened tea, an ancient tonic, a cure for ailments as diverse as baldness to lethargy to cancer, an immune-boosting elixir rush in antibiotic usnic acid and liver-detoxifying glucuronic acid.

It is hardly any of these things. Rather than being a mushroom, it is a colony of yeast and bacteria. Few of the health claims are based on science, although folk history and some existing studies do suggest potential health benefits...

The purpose of this book is to separate fact from fiction, provide an historical context, lay out the best available knowledge of the bacteria and yeasts that go into the fermentation process of Kombucha, and explore how these may affect health...While it may not be a panacea for all the ills humans are heir to, Kombucha tea is a traditional fermented beverage used in many cultures to promote well-being. Let us explore whether and how it can fit into a healthful lifestyle.

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