from The Tea Fungus Kombucha, by Rosina Fasching

"The beverage has a striking effect of invigorating the whole system of glands and enhancing metabolism. In cases of digestive troubles one or two glasses of Kombucha drunk on an empty stomach in the morning, after meals at noon and in the evening are a great help. The beverage introduces micro-organism into the body which transform harmful substances such as uric acid and cholesterol into more soluble compounds, and thus remove them. In the sixties the "Waischenfelder Apotheke" recommended the tea fungus as follows, "The Tea Fungus Mo-Gu is recommended, in the form of a daily beverage, as an excellent preventative and therapeutic remedy against metabolic diseases (gout, rheumatism, furunculosis), early arteriosclerosis and its accompaniments, against physical and mental fatigue (in cases of continuous overwork in agriculture, in sports), to stimulate the bowel function (constipation, polysarcia, sensation of repletion) and to increase the general state of health (insufficient sexual drive) and during convalescent periods."

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