STIM first came across Gulp while ripping off their tribute to the Pizza Guy for our May issue. Ha! Just kidding. We gave them credit. And we didn't steal it, we recontextualized it!

Gulp, a small handmade zine out of upstate New York, is painstakingly put together by Andy Stevens and a small coterie of friends, then distributed haphazardly. Years can go by between issues. The Pizza Guy is a recurring feature along with articles, comics, poems, short stories and reviews about the anomie of student life, the tyranny of money, and the other usual slacker genres, with considerably more graphics and original fiction than most photocopied zines.

I loved the section in the December 1991 issue where cartoonist Elisa Garcia uses the Macintosh "undo" command to rewrite endings to various strips. Instantly plots can be reversed, and characters say what she wants them to say. This issue also contains the stirring poem "Eyebrows of Cheese" (uncredited) which made me faint with dairy-filled joy. An excerpt:

Lashes of Gouda, eyebrows of Brie.
String cheese hair surrounding me.
Eyes of Muenster, legs of Swiss,
She's my Mozzarella Miss.

The back page in each issue is always a salute to brevity—reviews of three words only rule the day, whether the subject in question is a novel ("Women on the edge of time—sensible future vision") or a film ("A Brief History of Time—crisp, mind-blowing biodocumentary").

A spinoff zine called Windy Playgrounds in the works and it's sure to be just as cool. Apparently Stevens doesn't sell the zine, but likes to do trades, so keep your cash to yourself and flow some creativity to 21 Main Street, Binghamton, NY 13905.

Mikki Halpin

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