They have real hair. Brown/Dark Blonde/Black. Hard, painted bodies, jointed positionable arms and legs. They are small. 5 inches tall maximum. They have handsewn, Victorian-type shifts and dresses. They always look like they are spazzing out. They cost $50 ppd each because they take 8 hours (all day) to make. If you order one and send your own real hair (preferably straight fine or large wave, curls are very hard to glue), and small print thin weave type of material (enough to make a dress for a five inch doll), you get a discount of $8 (a dollar an hour). Any particular buttons or beads I can also put on the dress for you are also welcome if you like. As long as it's aesthetically pleasing I will use it. They all come with names and a certificate of authenticity in case I get famous your doll's value will increase. I've made 14 of these dolls in the past month and they're all gone! Boys in particular like these dolls. I don't know why. Send check or money order to Dame Darcy Megan Stanger, PO Box 730, NY, NY 10009. I got FABULOUS responses to the dolls last time and I thank all scrap hair and button people profusely! Keep it coming!