This is serious, if you don't want to know the bad aspects state that in your letter. Don't worry. 90% of palms are fairly tragedy free. IF YOU KNOW WHAT PROBLEMS ARE TO COME YOU KNOW WHAT TO AVOID! Curious about LOVE? MONEY? TRAVEL? SEARCHING FOR ILLICIT THRILLS? PALM READING can be the answer to many questions. I am an experienced palmist. I learned to read palms at the age of 11 when I received an antique palmistry book from 1892. Since then I've read HUNDREDS of SATISFIED and CONVINCED peoples palms and through EXPERIENCE became extrememly accurate. SEND A CLEAR XEROX of the palm you write with. Fist pinky side down. Back with fingers pressed closely together but not laying on top of each other. (Roll up those long sleeves. A coule of people sent me xeroxes where the sleeve was covering the bottom of their life line so I couldn't accurately predict the length of their life.) IF YOU HAVE SPECIFIC QUESTIONS...ENCLOSE A LETTER. It also helps if I know your current age. Send $10 check or money order to:

Dame Darcy Megan Stanger
P.O. Box 730
NY, NY 10009
(Include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you can)