by Steve Raymond

Air fresheners are an olfactory version of Muzak too frequently overlooked on the crowded byways of the trendscape. Whatever the fad, popular character, witty saying, or scent, the air freshener has quietly remained, patiently hanging in gas and highway comfort stations across our great nation. As one road metaphor after another is recycled into descriptive terminology for the Internet, one cannot help but feel wistful for the days when we spent more time cooped up in stinky vehicles on actual roads.

We recently discovered a sampling of car fresheners stashed in the basement of the cut-rate store downstairs from STIM headquarters. They revealed a telling cross-section of a popular phenomenon; after all, something's gotta be pretty huge (like "ALF" or "Garfield") to make it all the way down to the bottom of the merchandising food chain. Please, peruse them, and enjoy—even if you can't stop to smell the flowers. </end>

The Air Freshener Gallery

Real Amurricans

Don't Even Ask, Part One

Real Pine Smell!

Don't Even Ask, Part Two

Our Cartoon Friends

Don't Even Ask, Part Three

Yo, Baby, Yo!

Up Talk!