APPS Software's Brainware 2000 takes a different approach to subliminal software. It uses hidden text instead of audio. The affirmations, which you can select from a series of program themes (health/wellness, spirituality, brain power, etc.) scroll across your screen in barely discernible text. Once the program is launched, the subliminal programs that you choose run in the background until you turn the program off. This way, as you work, you're constantly feeding your head with such gems as: "I am a gift," "The power is within me," "I smile and laugh." Being a bald dude, I was thrilled to discover a whole track in the health/wellness program that dealt with hair loss. This is it! I thought. Now I can grow those natty dreads I've always wanted. I quickly fired up the powerful Brainware generator and stuck my pointy little head into the subliminal glow of my computer monitor. After two weeks of constant exposure to "My mind instructs hair growth," "New hair grows," "My scalp tingles," and "My cells are healthy," I'm sorry to report no discernible progress (see Figures 1 and 2 for before and after pictures of my head). Gee, I guess I just need more time in front of the computer screen. That's cool 'cause I really love doing my work and joy surrounds me.

Figure 1. Before

Figure 2. After—a lustrous head o' hair!
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