As the 1990s give way to a new millennium, the modern face takes its cue from latter-day Star Trek characters. Yesterday's stringent mod makeup feels dated, like Captain Kirk's alien bimbos or Spock's outré ears. Next Generation and Deep Space Nine look very now as postmodern fashion moves past the sixties revival, recycling 1980s cyberpunk and the charming naiveté of early 1990s geek chic.

Look for dashing headgear á la Borg eyepieces, Whoopi Goldberg's giant anvil hat, and Geordi LaForge's precious New Wave visor. Men's hair gets back to basics as hets everywhere discover that Captain Picard's bald pate Talk! still makes women's knees go weak. This year, trade in your Prada handbag for the ubiquitous Bajoran nose ridge. The key is subtlety: the 1990s Trekkie alludes to favorite episodes, but stops short of outright imitation.

Here, the Borg's ivory skin and fetching fetish gear are toned down for a leisurely effect. Use the Borg as a point of departure for your own cyborg fantasies. Equally at home in the boardroom and on the beach, your eyepiece can be custom made from a Walkman headphone speaker or an RS-232 cable. Just paint it black, and attach to the hair using bobby pins (for a snug fit, apply spirit gum to the eyepiece's lower edge). Here, an abandoned Ricoh camera lens from the Goodwill boutique provides two looks in one: let the lens cover dangle for casual effect, or shutter the entire eye for evening.

Being smart looks different to the late-1990s internaut. Spock's battle with his human side reads as clichéd; the modern intellectual takes his cue from sexy androids like Lieutenant Commander Data. The freshest way to achieve Data's mysterious allure? "It's not the slicked-back hair," laughs Jose, who has replicated the android's off-the-face mane for celebrities like Howard Stern and Hillary Rodham Clinton. "It's the minty-green face from early episodes of Next Gen." Though LancomeTM me expects to launch its Dusty Mold maquillage this winter, Data fans can achieve the look now. Here, Jell-O Instant Pudding & Pie Filling in Pistachio was mixed with Karo Syrup and clown-white foundation to achieve the perfect gummy-green complexion. Soothing to dry skin, pistachio pudding effectively covers blemishes and warp-core breaches.

We see the new Trek in eyebrows, too. Last year's plucked and painted points have given way to a fuller, more natural line—for both men and women. "Spock and Uhura inspired our cyber version of the Mod look," explains a source at MAC Cosmetics. "But now we're looking to The Next Generation and 'Deep Space Nine' for inspiration. Men just love the masculinity of a bushy Jonathan Frakes brow." Women are abandoning the strict, prim eyebrow in favor of a 1990s approach to futurism: the more adult, even matronly, sensuality of Counselor Deanna Troi, or the warmth of Major Kira Nerys.