Star Trek Tribute

No, you are not reading an issue of Starlog Magazine, this is not a Trekkie convention, and we are not wearing Federation uniforms. Well, okay, not all of us are wearing Federation uniforms. But now that STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT has opened, we thought that it would be a good time to capitalize on this moment and open our Star Trek Files! Come and look through our recent ground-breaking, Earth-shattering, first-ever theme issue.

Star Trek Humor
You will be amazed at how much time some of these Trekkies have on their hands! Not only do they make their own costumes, but they are all aspiring comedians!

Cosmos Patrol: Star Trek For Communists
Do you remember hearing about the Russian Star Trek back during the Cold War? Those pesky Rooskies were stealing all our ideas; let Andrew Cohen tell you how it really was.

Soapbox: I am Not a Trekkie!
Doesn't it suck to like Star Trek a little tiny bit, but not be consumed by lifestyle of the obsessive Trekkies with their damn Spock ears and conventions? You bet it does!

Soapbox: Why I Hate Star Trek
Sure, you're not a Trekkie. I've heard that one before. Just to patronize you in that respect, here's what Sam Pratt thinks of the whole thing.

Alien Bladder Tea
Have you ever wondered, as most Trekkies do, who does the laundry on the Enterprise? What kind of STDs result from cross-species sex? How bad is the cancer rate is for the engineers working on the Warp coils? Well, Richard Kadrey is here to do that kind of thinking for you.

Countdown: A Trip to the Future Birth Place of James T. Kirk
Captain Kirk is a fictional characterů or is he? Every year in Riverside, Iowa, Trekkies and townspeople gather to celebrate the *future* birth of Captain James T. Kirk. But why is there no future birthplace for Dr. McCoy?

Amateur Folk Singers in Space
When you're alone late at night, and your favorite episode of Star Trek just ended, what do you do? Get out your acoustic guitar and write a song about Scotty, of course!

Spock Pistols/Kaptain Kirk
More Trekkies with musical instruments. Only this time, they seem to be a little more original and humorous: the Spock Pistols dress in Federation uniforms and do Sex Pistols covers, and Kaptain Kirk is an Indian who wears Federation-like uniforms and plays Bhangra.

Dating Data
Data's a robot that is "fully functional", need we say more? He even has a pet cat!

Data's Paintings
When Data say he's "fully functional", he means that he's also a sensitive artist-type. But is he any good?

Star Trek Books
So you want to be a Trekkie and you want to read up on it first? Here's a brief list of some Trek books available.

Ship of Fools: Star Trek on the Silver Screen
Now that First Contact is here, let's look back and see what we're all trying hard to forget.

A Real Tricorder
Is this a joke? No, a "real" Tricorder has been in production in Canada for a while now. Is there too much reality in your fantasy?

Home Horror Makeup 2.0: The New Star Trek
With Data being all the rage, it would only be natural for you to look like him too. Tiffany Lee Brown shows us how to not only look like Data, but Bajoran and Borg as well.

Barbie on the Bridge
After 30 years of Star Trek, it's not surprising that there are Star Trek Barbies. But what happens when she's alone with the Captain Kirk action figure?

Star Trek, the Web Generation (Webster)
Daniel Radosh wants to talk about Star Trek websites. Whether he'll be nice or not is up to you to find out.

Ever noticed how the number 47 pops up a lot in Star Trek? Me neither, but Daniel Radosh will tell you otherwise.

The Protocols of the Elders of Ferengi
Have you noticed any racial stereotypes on Star Trek? Gavin Edwards has, and the Ferengi are dead ringers for the Jewish stereotype. Are the producers aware of this as intentional commentary or did this bit of anti-Semitism slip by unnoticed?

Through the Looking Glass
Gavin Edwards takes us through to the mirror dimension that is so often visited over the years on Star Trek. Is this some kind of Freudian thing?

Capitalism: The Final Frontier
In the future there will be no money?!?! That's what Star Trek says, and they wouldn't lie to me. Ted Friedman discusses just what this means.

Star Breasts
Marjorie Ingall takes us through the history of the nipple and the breast in Star Trek.

My Heart Belongs to Janeway
Elizabeth Reba Weise walks through a history of women as portrayed by that one teevee show that Gene Roddenberry wrote.