Surveillance in Cinema

In Here's Looking at You, Kid, Andrew Hultkrans takes a look at surveillance in the history of film. Themes of voyeurism and control run throughout that history—it is after all a medium that by definition demands watching. "The gaze", Hultkrans argues, also reveals a lot about the types of visual transactions we informally agree upon in the interest of security.

Prison 101

But there are subjects that the camera has rarely recorded, as Liz Glamour points out in Lockdown 101. While prisons and prisoner are integral to a discussion of surveillance, prison conditions, human rights issues, and the profits being made by the incarceration industry have largely escaped documentation. Glamour, the curator of "Prisoners in America", a film series that ran this past month here in New York, exploring these and other topics, looks critically at these subjects, and provides some quicktime clips from the series.


Animated art by bigtwin.