Dear Dave:

You're the best fuck I've ever had. But I told you that. You were selfish mostly, but terrifically generous and sensitive and intuitive and indefatigable in bed. I told you that, too. You were smart, but I'd just come off the relationship with Adam, so I knew you weren't nearly as clever as you thought you were. Didn't tell you that. (No one is as smart as Adam, except my current boyfriend, who is actually smarter). You have a beautiful body and hooded, sad eyes. You'd only shop at Barneys. You smoked too much pot, to convince yourself you were cool and not a corporate lawyer. I never told you that hair obsession of yours made me giggle. You wore your hair long, enough so that one of the partners in the firm told you to cut it, which delighted you 'cause it made you feel like such a rebel. You went to expensive stylists and bought many products. Not like it fooled anyone...I had to tread a delicate path, saying things like "Bald guys are sexy" without saying "You are an incipient bald guy."