Come and get it.
Capow! Screenshot

Capow! The most fun you'll ever have with cellular automata!

Scientists have used the algorithms from Capow! in simulations of phenomena like electric power networks, damped driven oscillators, and the famous "Fermi Pasta Ulam Quadratic Nonlinear Wave."

We just like it 'cause it makes pretty pictures.

Capow! Screenshot

Capow! only runs on PCs; you need at least a 486 with 8Mb RAM.

  • Old 486 version
  • Newer pentium version

    Installation: Create a CAPOW directory on your hard drive. Copy CAPOW.ZIP to this directory and unzip it, using the DOS PKUNZIP.EXE utility, or Niko Mak's WinZip. Run the CAPOW.EXE from Windows. If you use Windows 3.1, you can use Program Manager File|New selection to browse for CAPOW and create an icon for the program.

    CAPOW was developed by Rudy Rucker and students at San Jose State University under a grant from the Electric Power Research Institute. Copyright (C) 1996 San Jose State University.

  • Find out more about Capow! and C.A.s at the Home of Capow!

  • There's also a ReadMe file here.
  • Come and get it.