DOS/Windows only!
Grow one dimensional cellular automata on your desktop. Sure, it's science and math—but who cares? It's trippy psychedelic art!
by Rudy Rucker and San Jose State University

Graphics Intensive!
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome—again? Ouch!
Relax, apply salve, and set STIM on auto-surf.
by Spingo and Morgan

The Hose
Crashes Netscape!
Ever met one of those people who just spew useless facts, even after you beg them to stop and try to distract them by loudly humming "My Sharona"? The Hose is, well, kinda like that.
by Spingo and Morgan

Stim Stumper
We've got four letters. You've got some time to kill. The STIM Stumper takes care of both. Not for Macs! No Mac VRML browser!
by Steve Speer

Slap Happy
The Web-boys grow aggressive. And you can too with Slap Happy, the game!
by Tom Igoe   

Animated art by bigtwin.

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