Roughing It
The Guys
Beauty tips for trips with the guys
by the STIM staff

You enjoy being a man. You're at home with your sexuality, whatever it may be. You're balanced. You work out at the gym, but you watch 90210 with the girls. And when nature needs a helping hand, you're man enough to add a little maquillage to your bag of tricks.

But it's one thing to wear a smidge of pancake to the office, a frisson of lipgloss to the gym, a bold swipe of eyeliner to an after hours club. What do you do when you are hanging out with some less emancipated friends of the male persuasion? Fraternity reunion? Bachelor party? You can probably get away with it at these functions, depending on the lighting (more on this in a later issue).

The real test of your application technique comes on the hallowed boy bonding experience, the camping trip. Whether it's tree-hugging or deer-hunting, we've been taught that back to nature means going au naturel, and that's just wrong, wrong wrong. An outdoor weekend merely requires a more subtle palette, and some stealth application techniques to add to your wilderness experience. Details below!

And remember, when they compliment you on your healthy glow, just smile mysteriously.   <end>

Tip 1 : Lip Color Application
Tip 2: Naturally long lashes
Tip 3: No dark circles

Thanks to sonicnet male models, photographer Jen Dalton, and prop-mistress Mikki Halpin.